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At Makcats Inc., we're industry leaders in Identity & Access Management (IAM) technologies, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to organizations across the United States. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to implementing robust IGA tools like SailPoint, Saviynt, and Oracle Identity Manager. We also excel in delivering Single Sign-On solutions such as Ping Federation, Okta, and Microsoft SSO. Central to our services is our high-quality human resource team, who leverage their specialized skills and deep knowledge in IAM to offer custom solutions tailored to every vertical within IGA. We recognize the unique challenges and requirements of each organization, and our bespoke approach ensures that our solutions align perfectly with your business needs.

  • With our centralized user management services, we streamline the management of user identities, roles, and permissions across your organization, guaranteeing consistent access policies and reduced administrative overhead.

  • Our robust multi-factor authentication solutions enhance security by requiring multiple forms of authentication for user access, safeguarding your critical business assets.


To improve user experience and reduce password fatigue, we implement user-centric Single Sign-On solutions. Our SSO offerings allow users to log in just once for access to multiple applications and services, thereby boosting productivity. Finally, we provide comprehensive access governance solutions. These tools enable effective monitoring, auditing, and control of user access to your applications and data, ensuring compliance with both internal policies and external regulations. Choose Makcats Inc. as your partner in safeguarding digital identities, enriching user experiences, and providing secure, streamlined access management. Reach out today to see how our high-quality human resources can customize IAM solutions and services to bolster your IGA strategy. We're here to help you maintain a secure, efficient, and compliant environment that supports your business objectives, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

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